DAMA I Board Meeting Update August 2018

DAMA International’s newly elected board met on Saturday, August 25.
Two board positions that were not filled by election were appointed and approved in the meeting:
Susan Earley will be acting as VP, Operations through the end of 2018
Jerrod Young will be VP, Communications & Marketing through 2019
The board is actively looking for a volunteer with experience in Governance & Ethics to join the leadership. Please contact president@dama.org if you are interested.
Additionally the board has authorized the start of the 2019 Election cycle by naming Peter Aiken, Past-President head of the election committee. These new elections will put DAMA back on the regular election cycle that are included in the current by-laws. VP of Operations will be part of that election cycle, for a 1 year term.
Members of the current Board are listed at Board and Officers
Approved minutes of the Board meetings since June 1 2018 are available at Board Meeting Minutes

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